Your Cat’s or Dog’s Food Selection

Your Cat’s or Dog’s Food Selection

There are 3 main factors that need to be considered by looking at the characteristics of cats and dogs and their current body health.

1. The Age of Your Cat or Dog: The most important consideration when choosing cat and dog food is age. It divides food into 2 types according to age; Kitten and Dog Foods, Adult Cat and Dog Foods.

2. Your Cat’s or Dog’s Weight: Another important point in choosing food is your cat’s and dog’s weight and mobility during the day. If you have a still and overweight cat or dog, we should prefer special (Sterilized) foods.

3. Gender and Infertility of Your Cat or Dog: Choosing food according to the sex and infertility of our cat and dog is the main factor of its nutrition. Especially for neutered cats and dogs, we should use specially produced food.