55 years of

ESYEM manufactures its high-quality products at its 25-acre ground-floor facility located at 5. km of Kütahya road, which has a capacity of 30 tons per hour. PUPAMAMA brand products are produced in the PUPA PET FOOD factory in Eskişehir Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 6th Street.

Our facilities are produced by cattle, sheep, horse, poultry and pigeon feeds, pet group products, special production schemes and technology and special feeds developed by using data from R & D and procurement units, computer controlled and prepared by experts. 

Produced feeds are predominantly in the form of pellets and are also produced as powder feed and bulk feed. In addition, it is tested against cobalt, forbidden in horse feed and against doping substances and does not contain these substances. All products are tested in laboratories and reach the final consumer, satisfactory quality and competitive prices.

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