Quality Control R&D

55 years of


  • All processes are carried out to meet customer needs and expectations and to continuously improve,
  • To comply with national - international standards and legislation in all products designed and developed,
  •  To implement our Quality Management System with the participation of all of our employees and to educate our employees to continuously improve their effectiveness,
  •  To prepare the work environment in which employees can perform themselves and their work and to implement the suggestions for improvement,
  •  Establishing and supervising the systems necessary for management by objectives,
  • To see our suppliers and customers as an integral part of the system and as a business partner,
  • Ensure that all activities in operation are carried out in a timely manner and always in accordance with the right principle.



The raw materials used in our products and requested by the production are supplied by our purchasing department. The whole process of this procurement sequence is meticulously observed by our quality control unit. Our quality control unit, which is formed entirely by our agricultural and chemical engineers, controls the entire production process at many points up to the products from the imported raw materials and tries to present the highest quality possible to our valuable customers. In our quality control laboratory raw materials and feeds can be analyzed in detail analysis such as ADF, NDF, ADL, urea and urea toxin, reflecting basic chemical criteria such as moisture, crude protein, crude cellulose, crude ash, crude oil and starch. Our laboratories closely follow the technological developments that are shaped today. As a sign of this, N.I.R. (Near Infrared Spectrophometer) can determine the specific chemical properties of the raw materials in as short as 45 seconds. Recognizing that qualifications should not be limited to products only, PUPAMAMA regularly organizes relevant quality meetings with our processes. As a result of all these processes PUPAMAMA, which can produce quality and stable products, is growing with the satisfaction of our customers. It means good quality feed for us; Nearly 100% of the feed is taken as net energy for the benefit of the animal.


Product Design and Development Feedstuffs can be successfully achieved only if the selected raw materials close each other's nutrient deficiencies. Another important point is that feed mixes produce a certain synergy with the coarse feed species to be used together. Such a unity of power can only be achieved through active field studies and intensive analyzes.

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