Your Cat’s or Dog’s Food Selection

Your Cat’s or Dog’s Food Selection

There are 3 main factors that need to be considered by looking at the characteristics of cats and dogs and their current body health.

1. The Age of Your Cat or Dog: The most important consideration when choosing cat and dog food is age. It divides food into 2 types according to age; Kitten and Dog Foods, Adult Cat and Dog Foods.

2. Your Cat’s or Dog’s Weight: Another important point in choosing food is your cat’s and dog’s weight and mobility during the day. If you have a still and overweight cat or dog, we should prefer special (Sterilized) foods.

3. G...


Food Change of Your Cat or Dog

You should avoid sudden food changes that can cause digestion problems of your cat or dog. In the first week, take care to give your cat or dog the food given where you bought it. It is better to switch to another formula after passing the stress that may occur due to entering a new environment. The transition to another formula should take place gradually in about one week.

Food Change Table;

Day 1 and Day 2; 75% old food + 25% new food

Day 3 and Day 4; 50% old food + 50% new food

Day 5 and Day 6; 25% old food + 75% new food and after; 100% new food



Pigeons vary in weight according to their breeds, and on average require about 10 percent of their weight. Taking into consideration the live weight of our pigeons, average, small breeds 20-30 g; 35-50 g for medium-sized breeds and 40-60 g for large or heavy breeds. In winter, the movement of pigeons will be reduced, so 5-10 g less feed should be given. Particularly in closed conditions, birds are always kept in front of the feed will cause birds to lubricate. Lubrication can lead to breeding problems in birds and adversely affect flight performance, especially in flying birds.

Feeding twice a day is recommended to ensure that all grains in the feed mixture are eaten. But the generally accepted form of feeding is once a day a...



Parakeet, canaries and small breed parrots are animals that need to be fed regularly every day. If they don’t eat anything for a day, they can die. Their diet should include bird food, vegetables, fruits, food and vitamins. Feeding method varies according to breeding, moulting, season, disease, breeding type. Care must be taken when giving vegetables and fruits. Make sure that greens, such as lettuce, are thoroughly washed and dried. Otherwise your canaries may have diarrhea.

You should blow the food in the food containers every day. Since the bait shells will remain in the manger, it may seem like the manger is full. Feed shells can also prevent birds from eating food. Empty or reduced containers should be re-filled wi...